What comes to your mind when you hear about web hosting or email hosting? You will most likely associate it with your website or email services that you are currently using. If these are the only two services you’re currently using or have come across, it’s time to upgrade to the next generation of web and email hosting services.

The latest generation of web and email hosting includes back office applications such as company bulletins or forums, web-based chat/meeting rooms, calendar sharing with WebSMS reminders, online storage with secure file management, and scheduled backup service on Internet. These are services that you normally have to pay for separately to be used on your domain; now, however, they are all available within the latest generation of web and email hosting.

The user will basically log in via a login page linked to your company’s home page. Once logged in, the user will have access to web mail and all these applications, depending on whether the back office administrator has placed them in the group with the access rights granted. For example, topics on the bulletin board can be accessed by different groups according to the access rights granted by the administrator. There may be a financial forum that can only be accessed by people belonging to the group, for example, “financial”. Other groups such as “Sales” or “Marketing” may not be granted access to the financial forum.

The administrator also has the right to create or delete all required users as well as grant access rights to different groups and allocate disk space for each user. If the owner of the company is the administrator, he can easily add or remove a user to the company portal and control his access rights to company applications and information.

Access control is particularly useful when it comes to online storage and secure file management system as it allows only groups with the required access rights to see certain folders, read the contents or modify files within the folder. User can also save attachment from webmail to online storage. Online storage is accessible from anywhere with internet access via a web browser. It also makes sharing files much easier within the company or with customers and suppliers, especially when the file size is huge or the number of files to be shared is large.

Along with online storage comes Internet backup service, which is essential for protecting personal or business data and for disaster recovery. Data loss has always been one of the most critical factors affecting business continuity, so data protection shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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