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What Is ActivoBank?

In Portugal, foreigners are permitted to open bank accounts as either residents or non-residents. Although non-resident accounts have more restrictions and verification requirements than resident accounts, they are an option if you don’t yet have a Portuguese address.

You can deposit cash, coins, and/or cheques into your ActivoBank account at Millennium BCP branches and/or automated teller machines (ATMs) by providing your account number. Select the preferred setup, then click ACCEPT. On other websites, ActivoBank can show you adverts tailored to your interests.

What paperwork is required in Portugal to open a bank account? You need an ID number (such as a passport or driver’s licence) and NIF in addition to a mobile phone with an active SMS plan if you want to create a bank account in Portugal (tax identification number).

Go to the ATM and check your balance or movements to activate the Card before you make the first purchase with it. Select the preferred setup, then click ACCEPT.

The cost of their NIF services varies depending on how quickly you need it. Within 10 days for €99 is their regular offering. If you need it finished quickly, they can do it for €299 in three days or €149 in five days.

How To Login ActivoBank?

How To Register ActivoBank?

what is activobank ?


Welcome to ActivoBank! We assume that innovation is part of our DNA. We were born in 1994 as the first Phone Bank in Portugal.

activobank login


Click On the activobank login page: https://www.activobank.pt/pt/.next,Enter Email & Password.then,Click on “login”button.

ActivoBank contactos


I want to be contacted to open an Account in ActivoBank. Talk with us. Partnerships. I want to present my company’s products and services to ActivoBank.

ActivoBank abrir Conta


This award is the exclusive responsibility of the entities that awarded it. Opening an Account online requires a Citizen Card.

ActivoBank balcões


We are digital and we have counters to receive you! Find the nearest Active Point, addresses and timetables.

ActivoBank Porto


Complete offer of ActivoBank products without leaving the couch. Discover our Mortgage, Personal, Automobile, Insurance, Cards and Investments Loans.

ActivoBank Portugal


Prize awarded by Sábado and Marktest, in 2022, in the “Online Banks in Portugal” category.

ActivoBank App


Everything you need to know about our App’s functionalities is here! Did you know you can Manage your accounts in an integrated and intuitive way.

ActivoBank Simulador


Meet the Simulator and the “How much can I borrow” calculator. Young Housing Credit Solutions and Credit Transfer.

activobank amoreiras


Amoreiras Shopping Active Point. Av. Engineer Duarte Pacheco Amoreiras Shopping Center Store 1114.

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