There are many options for students who have decided to attend the University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia is a smaller city than many of the larger hubs, which also means that apartment prices are a bit lower than many other cities of comparable size. This gives incoming students plenty of options if they can’t rent an apartment on the actual university campus.

East Campus Village, which only opened in the fall of 2004, is where University of Georgia students can find the perfect UGA apartments to fit their needs. East Campus Village (ECV) is a cluster of 4 apartment-style residences that are very popular with students. Over 1,200 college students live in comfort and privacy in those apartment complexes.

The ECV apartments are fully furnished and shared by groups of two, three or four students who have their own room whilst sharing a public area. There are kitchenettes equipped with cabinets and a full-sized microwave, sink, and refrigerator (leaving that nice mini-fridge for your bedroom). The rooms are furnished with comfortable full size beds, a dresser, a study area with a desk and chair, a phone jack, high-speed Internet service, and a cable TV connection.

This gives students seeking University of Georgia apartments plenty of comfort and plenty of options in how to set up the room. In addition to this, there are always sufficient bathrooms to ensure that no more than two residents need to share a bathroom. Plus, these new apartments have all the modern conveniences and temperature control you’d expect.

Not forgetting that these are university apartments, these apartments also have laundries, study rooms, conference rooms, computer labs and vending machines. This way college students can get the best of both worlds by living on campus and having their own apartment.

What is a bit unusual is the duration of the ECV apartment rental contracts. These apartments are rented out for 11.5 months. Rent includes all utilities and local phone, as well as high-speed internet and cable TV. The University of Georgia gives preference to returning students followed by graduate students, terms in housing, credit hours earned, and therefore grade point average. All new incoming students can still apply, but it can be a steep climb.

If you can’t get into these apartments but want your own space, the good news is that apartments are seriously cheap in Athens, Georgia compared to most cities of the same size. It’s not at all difficult to find apartments that are relatively close to campus for anywhere between $250 and $600 a month. There are plenty of reasonable apartments, even two-bedrooms, in the $350-per-month range. This gives Georgia students a wealth of great options when looking for an apartment at the University of Georgia.

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