Most people who go to college don’t come from a family that is independently wealthy and is paying its own way. Most college students are either paying for college by working part-time, through student loans and contracts, or riding on a scholarship they earned. One of the easiest ways to earn your first two years of college is to apply for the recently increased Pell Grant.

Most college students seeking an associate’s degree are typically fresh out of high school. More often than not, they wonder where they will go in relation to the major they are applying for. Sometimes their minor may reflect a backup plan. No matter which direction they choose, and for college it can be quite a chore unless you don’t have the funds available.

The Pell grant is a federally funded program that provides much-needed financial assistance for college students. While it does provide money for post-baccalaureate students based on their degree’s needs and focus, it’s still free money—see it—but it doesn’t have to be repaid to the federal government.

The Obama administration has made this very easy for single moms to achieve. The stimulus package has provided $12 billion in additional funding for single mothers who want to get a college education. This can be a tough road due to the time involved, but since their education doesn’t detract from their current income, by finding the time off and evenings to earn this degree they can change their lifestyle for the better in just a few years. If you’re thinking about pursuing a degree but don’t have the money, apply for the Pell Grant today.

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