When choosing which graduate school you will attend to obtain your doctorate in the field of psychology, you are definitely looking for the schools that accept only the best of the best. Professors should be awarded in their specific areas of study, and students should be excited about receiving a high-quality education that they will later use for careers in academia, government, private practice, and research institutions. If these are the specifics you are looking for to earn your PhD. in psychology, then Princeton University is a great place for doctoral studies.

Princeton is a famous university, the fourth oldest in the nation. After logging into the Psychology Department website, you will see a logo that says “Stretch Your Mind.” And of course, this is exactly what psychology PhD programs aim for. As a result of excellence in student education, Princeton currently holds the top spot in US News and World Reports rankings of the best psychology doctoral programs. There are several broad areas of concentration in which you can earn your PhD. in psychology:

* Neuroscience

* Cognitive psychology

* Personality and social psychology

Like many other top-ranked psychology doctoral programs, there are joint programs in two areas of specialization. Princeton’s joint program is in psychology and social policy and provides interdisciplinary education in the causes, consequences, and remedies for inequality in the United States and abroad.

While a bachelor’s degree in psychology is an advantage, it is not a requirement for admission to the graduate psychology program at Princeton. Some students come to this program with a background in science or mathematics, which can be really useful background to bring into certain areas, such as neuroscience or cognitive psychology. Submitting your GRE exam scores is a requirement, although the GRE Psychology Subject Test is not.

There are over 30 full-time faculty in each of the areas of psychology. For prospective students, it’s a good idea to determine whether the faculty’s research interests mirror yours, as this will certainly feature prominently in the admissions process. Also be prepared to submit excellent graduate recommendation letters and academic transcripts from your undergraduate college or university. Universities with top doctoral programs like Princeton focus primarily on the amount of research experience an incoming graduate student has had in their field of interest, their leadership skills, and clear demonstration of unique ideas and fresh thinking. The ability to think critically is also a necessary quality for success at Princeton. These ideas are worth communicating in the graduate’s personal statement.

Undoubtedly, graduate with a PhD. from Princeton University is highly desirable if your plans are to establish a career as a college professor or senior research in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. There are many other highly rewarding careers that can be jumpstarted by earning the distinction of a doctoral degree from Princeton. However, the very first step in your journey is submitting a compelling graduate school application package to get into the Ph.D. program in psychology first!

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