The day before Valentine’s Day my wife and I wanted to do something unique together. When I was a kid, I remember going with my dad to the BYU aquarium, but I remembered very little about it. I asked several other BYU students where the aquarium was, the usual response was “Is there an aquarium on campus?”

I did some research online and found vague references to an aquarium on the BYU campus in Provo, Utah. I found out that there was an aquarium in the John A. Widtsoe building and that it was open to the public. We were determined in our quest to find it.

We went to the campus bookshop which is quite amazing I might add and after exploring the bookshop we asked one of the associates at reception where we could find the Widtsoe building. We were educated on where to go. We walked about 400 feet and found the building which is in a dark place on the campus.

When we arrived we went downstairs in the building. To our surprise, theirs was an aquarium, but it really wasn’t all that amazing. Along the wall were about 4-5 aquariums with about one giant fish and lots of small fish per tank. There was crab or lobster, however, not much else. They have some nice art on the wall showing different scientific facts about fishes and underwater life. Apparently this aquarium is used by students to get real-life experience in studying underwater life.

So if anyone has ever asked you if BYU has an aquarium, the answer is yes, it’s just not all that surprising. If you want to see a great aquarium in Utah County, Cabela’s near Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah is your best bet.

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