The awareness of having advanced education to improve the quality of human resources is growing in Indonesia. For trials, there are many newly established universities spread from Sabang to Merauke. Nowadays, people living in Tangerang especially Buddhists are happy with the official inauguration of Buddhi Dharma University (BDU)

In the first month of 2015 Arief R. Wismansyah as Mayor of Tangerang inaugurated the establishment of Buddhi Dharma University. BDU is the first Buddhist university in Indonesia. BDU is located at 41 Imam Bonjol Street, Tangerang, Banten Province. On the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Harimurti Kridalaksana was also inaugurated as the first Rector of the BDU. The professor was born in Unggaran, Central Java Province on December 23, 1939. He is known as a literature expert in Indonesia. He was also chairman of the Indonesian literature department at UI (University of Indonesia) and postgraduate program coordinator.

BDU has three faculties with fifteen departments. The Faculty of Science and Technology is made up of the Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Engineering, Software Engineering, Multimedia and Network Engineering and Information Technology Management. The Faculty of Economics consists of the Department of Management, Accounting, Business Administration and Accounting in the D3 program (diploma three). Meanwhile, for the Faculty of Humanities it consists of English Literature, Communication and English Studies in the D3 syllabus.

BDU is the third university in Tangerang after UNIS and Muhammadiyah University. Currently, Buddhi Dharma University has about three thousand students, with an increasing number of students every year. So it’s no wonder that the current four-story building is no longer able to accommodate students. Buddhi Dharma University has a plan to build a building on the back of the existing building.

“Buddhi Dharma University was not achieved easily, but it was achieved with a tedious struggle,” said Udayasakhya Halim, chairman of the board of Boen Tek Bio Association. Having the status of a Buddhist university, Buddhi Dharma University offers more value in education based on Buddhist values. “Buddhi Dharma University will put more emphasis on the practical application of universal Buddhism. The faculty and students are from different religions, but we all agreed to apply it in real-life form,” said Udayasakhya Halim.

Unfortunately, the number of Buddhist conferences is very limited. Therefore, BDU provides postgraduate scholarship arrangement for Buddhists for various majors. It is envisaged that Buddhists can be lecturers at the BDU. BDU has so far awarded scholarships to ten scholars studying at different universities. In addition, BDU also offers a special twenty percent discount for Pandit children who wish to study at BDU.

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