Education is a systematic process of acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for personal growth and development. The practical application of education in a specific field of study can kick-start a professional career or lay the groundwork for possible business ventures. Making an investment in education can be one of the most meaningful and wisest decisions in life because of its immediate impact on your future. Distance education plays a vital role in connecting educators and students around the world, breaking down the barriers imposed by time constraints, distance, disability and socio-economic status. Distance education courses are offered by Open Institutions to meet the demand for internationally recognized quality education and training. Whether you are a student just starting out on a learning journey, a professional in your field of study and want to further your education through advanced and specialized programs, or someone who is limited by travel or health issues, online courses have definitely the answers for you.

Many people wonder how effective distance education is in delivering teaching methodologies. Online training classes are just as effective as traditional face-to-face classes held in colleges and universities. The keys to establishing a successful online study depend on the dedication and focus of the student and timely peer support from the open institution. The people behind the curriculum and online support offered through distance education are professionals and experts in their field, so you can be sure you’re getting the quality education and training you’re looking for. Online education is divided into four main classifications, namely: voice, video, data and print. Voice or the use of audio as a means of communication includes the telephone, tape, radio, and audio conferencing.

On the other hand, videos can come in the form of instructional tapes or CDs or combined with voice and data as attached files. Print media can be in the form of educational books, guides, course outlines or assessments which are delivered by courier or postal system. Data is the widely used form of education due to technological advances in computers and the internet. The information is transmitted electronically and can be in the form of computer-aided instruction (CAI), computer-managed instruction (CMI), computer-mediated instruction (CME), or a combination of any of these. The delivery of education and training has become better, faster and cheaper as all teaching materials and teaching methods are transmitted by email (electronic email) or e-fax (electronic facsimile), online conferencing and other applications of the World Wide Web. This would include advances in communication using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). By making use of all available means of communication, online learning study is delivered quickly and efficiently.

Distance learning has many benefits that individuals with different learning levels can take advantage of. It provides the flexibility to choose when you want to finish a course or where you want your training to take place. Assessments and projects are provided at the end of a specific topic, submitted to education professionals and experts in their field for evaluation, then feedback is provided to determine whether a student needs to advance to the next level or if more reading is needed first of progress. You can never be too old or too young to start a life-changing career or to build the basic foundation to start a new business. All you need is the proper self-motivation and focus so that you can look ahead and achieve your dreams in life.

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