Whether you own a fleet of boats for personal or commercial use, it’s important to consider its safety and security. First, you need to take a proactive approach and write down the serial number, including the hull and engine number of each vessel.

Second, you need to install a portable and compact boat tracker for real-time tracking. It can definitely protect it from theft because it has some useful technical features.

#1 – Easy to use

• A tracker is a lightweight device and doesn’t take up much space. It is very easy to install the device inside the engine or near the battery.

• You just need to connect it directly to the power source to start live monitoring immediately.

#2 – Centralized fleet management

• If you run a commercial fleet business, you can use the fleet management console to easily add employees and boats.

• Employees can be assigned to multiple boats for tracking purposes.

#3 – Real-time tracking

• It’s very easy to monitor the fleet via your laptop or mobile phone from secure access.

• Geofencing limits can be set from the web console to receive automatic SMS alerts on your phone if your vessel leaves the set geographic perimeter area.

• You can also review your route history and play the animated map playback option to retrace a vehicle’s route for a date and time range. You can also find the estimated time and speed of the boat.

#4 – Driver efficiency management

• A robust tracking device will calculate the evaluation of driving behavior and send a personalized report.

• The report will include violations of basic functions by the driver (over speeding, geofencing, excessive idling, etc.) and penalty points received for each case.

• Statistical feedback can be provided to each driver or employee.

• Will help manage a lean and productive business operating unit.

• It also reduces the chances of theft as drivers and employees will remain alert and attentive thanks to the system’s automated algorithms.

#5 – Relationships

• You can extract custom reports in graphical and statistical format for detailed trip history, SOS button event log, fall detection sensor log, fuel status and speed violation instances to monitor, supervise and protect vessels from theft.

• You can even schedule reports and receive them easily on your smartphone. It will save time and resources.

#6 – Remote Shutdown

• The tracker provides the ability to immobilize or remotely shut down the vessel’s fuel system.

• Just send a text message from your mobile phone to turn it off and prevent unauthorized use.

#7 – Two-way communication

• You can easily connect the tracker to a microphone and speaker for seamless two-way on-demand communication.

• It is very easy to talk to the driver and listen from any remote location.

• It is possible to record the conversation and listen to it through a third-party software integrated with the tracking system.

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