There are a number of Asian countries which are now at the forefront of outstanding international education. Japan, which ranks second after the United States of America in terms of technology, is the best place to take a wide range of courses in engineering, medicine, international trade, economics and literature. Technologically advanced and culturally rich, the country is rapidly establishing itself for the quality of education and excellent research environment. A study in Japan can be beneficial from a number of aspects. However, every applicant should acquire the skills to write and speak Japanese well in advance before being admitted to a university there.

In Japan, about 50% of students go on to higher education at various universities and junior colleges. This indicates the top quality of its higher education system which is well equipped with excellent research works, competent faculty, state of the art computer labs and large libraries. Pupils from an engineering background have tremendous job opportunities in Japan once they complete their coursework. The country boasts one of the great working cultures in the world with lasting job security. There is also ample scope for those individuals who want to explore science and geography in depth.

There are many top universities in Japan offering programs in diversified fields. These include Aichi Gakuin University (AGU), Aichi Institute of Technology (AIT), Tokyo University, Kyoto University and Baiko Gakuin University. Since its inception, AGU has been one of the largest institutes in the central region of the nation. It offers 8 degree programs in management, literature, law, psychological and physical sciences, economics and commerce, political studies, dentistry and pharmacy. There are also 7 PhD programs offered by this prestigious educational institution. Everyone who participates in training and research at the AGU has long been striving to achieve the goal together with their students.

Students’ dream of having a comprehensive study in Japan can also be realized through Aichi Institute of Technology. Founded in 1959, the institution has more than fifty thousand alumni who have earned academic degrees in management, engineering, and information sciences. The University of Tokyo was founded in 1876. As one of the best universities in Japan, it reiterates the obligation to study Japanese as most of the classes are taught in that language. Undergraduate students can enroll in the university as regular or research fellows in various programs such as science, agriculture, arts and sciences, business, medicine, engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences. Doctoral programs are offered in frontier sciences, public order, law and politics, mathematical sciences, etc.

Established in the year 1897, Kyoto University is one of the ancient universities in the country. It has opened its doors to foreign students and regularly grants scholarships. The institute promotes diversity on its campus and attracts scholars from all over the planet to join its programs.

Students from other countries are eligible for various scholarships in Japan. These include Scholarships for International Students, Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women Studying in Japan, Monbusho Scholarship, Rotary World Peace Scholarship, University of Tokyo Scholarships, Target Scholarships -Of-Opportunity from the Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) and many others.

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