3 quick ways to get more excited about the decades to come:

1. Recognize that you could live to be 100+ and help people every day.

Begin by seeing what this can be.

Because when you can’t wait to help someone, it lifts your day.

During the moments you provide value to another human being, time tends to speed up.

Partly because you’re learning how to fine-tune your know-how to fit the person in front of you.

And to some extent it’s from the joy of serving in a way that creates value.

Smile as you think of a day you helped someone in the past.

Remember what it feels like to make a difference.

Allow this recognition to spark your interest in making a difference.

This small interest can turn into enthusiasm as you seek some form of continuing education that provides you with an interesting way to help people.

On your terms! Flexible.

The more specialized your professional skill… the more valuable it is to someone out there who needs exactly that experience.

You can save time and trouble for someone else once you fix that problem in your life.

Be choosy enough to find which aspect excites you.

After all, you could use this experience for decades to come.

Might as well dig in and find out what works for you.

Interesting enough to imagine creating value.

In specific situations. For people who want that value.

2. Accept that you can create value at any age.

Look deep for it!

You are whatever age you are and you have earned it one day at a time.

Gained experience solving life puzzles.

And you applied what you learned to survive.

Indeed, for many days you have prospered.

This is enough to help someone.

Dare to dig deeper.

You have specific and detailed know-how which is considered more valuable in the market.

Focus on high-value skills!

3. Look in the mirror and remember that you helped someone.

Say your name out loud.

Calmly state one way you have helped someone.

Decide that you are worth the effort required for continuing education.

Because continuous training for professionals open to an active entrepreneurial retirement turns into value creation!

Choose a continuing education that helps you create value every day as you move towards the age of 100…

Maybe it’s as simple as reading an article.

OR? Writing.

Writers write!

And writing hones your writing skills.

Maybe write an article. Or maybe it starts with a handwritten letter of gratitude to someone in your life.

Yes, writers write. This is a professional skill.

You can simply start with your continuing education!


You now have 3 quick ways to become more excited about the decades ahead creating value through continuing education for professionals open to active entrepreneurial retirement. Even if you live to 100!

Start by acknowledging that you could live to be over 100 years old, and throughout that you can choose to help people in some way every day.

Consolidate it: start by accepting that you can create value at any age.

Look in the mirror and remember helping a person, allowing you to open up to an active entrepreneurial retirement.

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