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What Is Eams?

EAMS is a safe way to pay unemployment insurance taxes and file quarterly wage reports online. We recommend EAMS as a way to send in wage reports, pay taxes, and manage your account with us all in one place. When setting up EAMS, it’s important to sign up for locked services. To use all of the features on the list, you’ll need locked services.

Please note that the Employment Security Department (ESD) has two versions of EAMS. If you used EAMS before the third quarter of 2019, you used the original version of EAMS, which was made for accounting firms or business service companies that file for many employers at once.

You should use the new version of EAMS if you are filing for one employer. The new EAMS for Single Filers is meant to make the user experience better and give better performance, but it does not yet have all of the features that were in the old EAMS.

Set up EAMS as a service in SAW by choosing Employment Security Department from the “My Secure Services” menu and then choosing “EAMS.”

Ask EAMS for access to services that are locked. (This is a crucial step. You can’t save your work, make changes to reports, or use the best parts of EAMS without it. Instructions for each screen.

How To Login Eams?

Step#1. Open the EAMS login URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Enter “Username” and “Password” in the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “Login” button.

How To Forget Password Eams?

Step#1. Open Reset EAMS  password URL into a web browser.

Step#2. Enter your “User Name” in the provided field.

Step#3. Click the “Submit” button, and the system will check your information and send you a password reset link to your registered email address. Go to email and open the link to follow the instruction to complete the process.

Once the password is reset, go to the login page and enter a new password to access the continue account.

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