Before purchasing and setting up hardware and software, an educator must completely change their mindset about teaching using educational technology. The messages we teach our students have changed over the centuries, however, the medium in which we present these messages hasn’t really changed. Sure, paper is used instead of tablets, pencils instead of chalk, and whiteboards instead of chalk, but these aren’t really revolutionary changes.

Information technology and the Internet are revolutionizing the way educators educate students. These 20th century advances, used properly, make our lives more efficient and, in turn, can help educators deliver curriculum more efficiently.

Educators need to realize that today’s student is more comfortable typing a paragraph on the computer than writing it on a piece of paper. These students have had technology and the internet in their lives for as long as they can remember and are very comfortable using it. Many educators, on the other hand, remember a time when technology and the Internet were not a part of everyday life.

These educators must become part of the technological revolution in order to integrate educational technology into their classrooms. Blogging, web design, video conferencing, and participating in online communities are just some of the ways educators can become familiar with the age of the internet and technology. We can learn from students who are not born knowing how to surf the Internet or use all the technological gadgets, they learn by simply playing with technology and by trial and error. Go ahead, start playing before you know it, you’ll be an education tech guru.

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