The first seven years of any institution’s life is always enough time to achieve perfection in that area that institution has carved out for itself.

In the almost seven years now that EzineArticles.com has taken off, today it has an excellent center of studies and prodigious research. With an exponentially exploding database of quality articles, which has exceeded the “A Quarter Million” brand, baked by almost thirty thousand “Studies” of profound depth and intelligence. Brought together by Alexa, they rank among the top 652 high-traffic websites out of several million in the world today. I am left in no doubt of the great value and treasure this website represents.

Who can doubt the product of this “University”. Whatever destination you have chosen for yourself, rest assured that you can definitely get there through the “vehicle” of this “University of Destiny”. How else do you justify an income of $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars) in less than 3 months just from a single article brought to you by EzineArticles.com? this and many other testimonies of a similar nature are the order of the day in the “university”.

Chris Knight, the “Vice-Chancellor” of this institution is an astute and democratic leader who has successfully brought together the best of expert authors from around the world in this “ivory tower of online destiny”.

In my extensive two year web career, I have never seen a website that is as truly and completely “networked” as EzineArticles.com. Kudos to the 30 pounds of “research scholars and authors,” plus fat at your writing elbows.

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