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It’s so cool to use the Ghost mode in Kahoot! If you are a newbie to this feature and have no ideas about using it like a pro, don’t worry because now you can check out 5 practical tips. You already know that there are plenty of ways to utilize Kahoot, and #Ghost Mode is one of them. Let’s explore the tips to make the best use of #Ghost Mode!

Learn it more quickly

You can boost and increase your knowledge repeatedly by utilizing the “Play again in Ghost Mode” button on the last screen.

Desk-to-desk competition

You can make one class fight and compete against the former class by utilizing the link on the results page.

Take it home

With a feature called “Send a link,” you can let your students join a game in class, then give them the link so they can explore and play the game again at home.

There is no denying that being an excellent teacher is a time!

With the link on the results page, you can let the students compete against the ghosts of a Kahoot that was already playing when the topic started calculating the progress over time.

A worldwide Kahoot

The “Send a link” feature is excellent when it allows you to send and share the ghost game with teachers and students worldwide. You guys can join and play against each other for a lot of fun.

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