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What Is Helsenorge?

In order to provide people and patients in Norway with information, the Norwegian health authorities launched the website Helsenorge.no in 2011. Many public health players, including the Health Library, the Directorate of Health, the Institute of Public Health, and the Norwegian Medicines Agency, contribute to the informational content.

A lot of hospitals also offer information on illnesses and treatments. Helsenorge.no includes a number of self-service options in addition to information about health, preventive, sickness, and rights. Users must sign in to the solution in order to use these services. To log in, use BankID (the same as in an online bank). Users who have logged in to the website can view the vaccinations they have personally got, change GPs, and view the medications they have personally been given and have delivered by pharmacies.

A European health insurance card can also be ordered, and side effects of medications can be reported to the authorities. Additionally, you can utilise the internet to schedule doctor’s visits and to renew expired medications.

How To Login Helsenorge?

what is helsenorge?


Helsenorge is a public website for residents of Norway. It provides information on a variety of health-related issues, and you can also log in to use digital health services.

helsenorge login


Click on the helsenorge login page:https://www.helsenorge.no/en/personvern-og-nettsikkerhet/logging-in-to-helsenorge/.next,Enter Username & Password.then,Click on “login”button.

helsenorge app


Easier and faster access to Helsenorge Now it is easier than ever to log in to Helsenorge.

helsenorge koronapass


The COVID-19 certificate gives you an overview of the COVID-19 vaccinations which have been registered for you, and of the COVID-19 tests you have had.

helsenorge kontakt


If your request concerns booking, reimbursement or coverage of travel, contact Patient Travel.

helsenorge vaksine


Vaccines and vaccination. When we get vaccines, our immune system is activated without us getting sick.

helsenorge fastlege


About General Practitioner (GP) (“Fastlege”). This information is displayed for all those who have a General Practitioner.

helsenorge prøvesvar


When you contact the health and care services in your municipality via Helsenorge, you will receive a reply from them in your inbox.

helsenorge koronatest


If you need a corona test as documentation in the corona certificate, you must pay for this yourself. You do not need to register a self-test.

helsenorge innreise


The travel-restrictions upon entry into Norway have been lifted. The same rules as prior to the corona pandemic now apply.

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