If you’re using Twitter and Facebook as part of your free online social marketing plan, (and you should be), you might just want to know about the Twitter setting that will automatically forward your Tweets to your Facebook. It simply inserts your latest tweet so you don’t have to post to Facebook as often.

If you tweet what you’re doing every five minutes, it could annoy your Facebook friends. They probably won’t want to see your daily life on their Facebook wall. But if you tweet conscientiously and your tweets contain value and good information that your Facebook friends can use for their online marketing, that will be a good thing. Soon you will have more friends than you know what to do with.

Go to Twitter and, if you haven’t signed up yet, get it over. So follow these four steps and save yourself tons of time.

1. Go to Twitter and log in.

2. Click Settings (at the top of the page).

3. Fill out the information and go about halfway down the “More Info” and look below it for the blue text in brackets – “You can also add Twitter to your site here” and click the blue text link.

4. Then choose the site (like Facebook) where you want to add Twitter updates and simply follow the instructions there. They will guide you all the way.

Tweeting your other social sites will save you so much precious time. You can use this time to create content or make products to market to your followers and friends. This is a great way to build a responsive and loyal list for your online marketing business. Just make sure you never overuse them, and always make sure you choose your words wisely, because you can’t take them back. Hope this twitter tip helped. Now have fun tweeting.

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