When looking for a hospital job, you typically want a hospital that has a good and solid reputation for patient care, as well as trained medical staff and staff. One hospital that is considered to be one of the best hospitals in the nation is the University of Chicago Hospital, therefore, University of Chicago Hospital jobs are highly sought after among medical professionals and others already working or wanting to work in the medical arena.

If you’re looking for a University of Chicago hospital job, there are a few things you need to know to help you get started. First, the application process for University of Chicago hospital jobs is different for external versus internal applicants. Internal candidates receive first consideration for all University of Chicago hospital jobs. However, that doesn’t mean that a more qualified external candidate wouldn’t ultimately get the job. External and internal applicants can both view available job positions online at the hospital’s website: uchospitals.edu. You can search for University of Chicago hospital jobs by branch, department, and/or category.

External candidates applying for jobs at the University of Chicago hospital can create a profile and submit their application online. Nursing candidates may fax their resume to Cheryl Portner, RN, at (773) 702-0265, but all other outside applicants MUST submit resumes and applications online. Internal nurse candidates for University of Chicago hospital jobs can complete and submit an internal application for an in-person job vacancy to Nurse Recruitment. These forms are available on the intranet or from Nurse Recruitment and should be accompanied by your resume, application number, job title and department. All other in-house applicants for University of Chicago hospital jobs MUST apply online. It is possible to view the works on the intranet before they are posted on the external website, so be sure to check the intranet regularly.

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