Think your NUS card is the only weapon you have in your arsenal for taking money off the books you need for your degree? Think again. Savvy students are starting to figure out a whole host of other ways to buy the cheapest textbooks they can. Some are even finding ways to download college textbooks online. Not only that, they’re discovering auction-style websites where they can also sell unwanted second-hand college books online. So, they’re saving money on their new reading lists and making extra money on their new old ones.

Save; buy second hand textbooks online

Your college course reading list; you can guarantee that you will receive a new one every semester. The purchase of the books needed to finish the courses constitutes a regular and continuous consumption of the student’s budget. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to minimize your financial outlay by buying secondhand textbooks.

The challenge, of course, is finding someone who actually has a copy of the book you want to sell. The most obvious people to talk to are those in previous years who take similar courses to you at your university. The problem here is that you have to find out who they are first. You can now place an announcement on the course bulletin board or ask your teachers to help you. However, once you find someone who has the book you’re looking for, there’s no guarantee they’ll be willing to sell it to you.

There’s a way to hedge your bets and increase your chances of finding a seller: Buy secondhand textbooks online. This way you can search for student- and graduate-owned books across the UK, not just your university. Someone reading Maths at the University of Leeds is likely to have had a similar reading list to one studying at the University of Manchester. The internet can help connect countless buyers and sellers to one another; eBay is the case in point.

Save even more money; Download college textbooks free

Students in Europe and the United States have been downloading books for free for some time. It’s a trend that is becoming increasingly popular with students here in the UK. From accounting and economics to finance and mechanical engineering, you can find textbooks written by leading academics on most subjects if you know where to look. So what’s the catch? Why can college textbooks be downloaded for free when it costs money to buy them in a store? The reason you can do this is simple: advertising. Websites may offer a free service because they make money by selling advertising space. So if you download a book and every ten pages you see an advertisement for a bank or fast food chain; remember they paid for your freebie!

Make money; sell secondhand college books online

The thing is with textbooks is that once you’ve read and learned from them, they just sit there on the shelf gathering dust. There’s an easy way to turn your second-hand books into some extra cash: money you can spend on uni-life essentials like food and drink. All you have to do is find a buyer. The best place to start looking for clients is in the following years. Chances are they have the same books on their reading lists that you did when you were in their grade. However, there is no guarantee that they will want to buy your cheap college books. So to maximize your chances of making a sale, it’s best to advertise online. There is already a thriving online student discount community in the UK. It’s about knowing the best way to achieve it.

How to buy, sell and download textbooks

From Internet bookstores to auction sites, there are many places where you can buy and sell secondhand college textbooks online. However, there is only one site where you can do both and download books for free. Please see the links below for more information.

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