Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is a comprehensive relational database management system that offers a variety of administrative tools to lighten the burden of database development, maintenance, and administration. It works in one of two authentication modes: Windows Authentication Mode (default) or Mixed Mode.

When you install SQL Server 2000, you can log on to the server with Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication if you select Mixed Mode Authentication. If you select Windows Authentication, you cannot assign an SA password during installation. However, you need to set the password after installation.

It is very easy to set SA password in SQL 2000. Just follow the steps below:

* 1. Expand a server group, then expand a server.

* 2. Expand Security, then click Login.

* 3. In the details pane, right-click SA, then click Properties.

* 4. In the Password box, type your new password.

The type of client connections determine the choice of security mode. If all incoming clients support trusted connections, you can use Windows authentication mode. If some clients don’t support trusted connections, you can select mixed mode.

If you forget SA password, you will need to use MS SQL Server Password Unlocker to reset password for SQL 2000. MS SQL Server Password Unlocker is simple but powerful SQL password reset software to reset SQL password including SA password reset and other user passwords. It provides an easy and safe way to reset SQL password for Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 in one minute. There is no need to reinstall SQL on your PC. The file in master.mdf format is sufficient to recover the SQL 2000 SA password.

Steps to reset SQL 2000 password for SA as follows:

* 1. Download and install MS SQL Server Password Unlocker.

* 2. Click the application icon to run it.

* 3. Click Open to import the master.mdf file. All usernames of your MS SQL will be displayed.

* 4. Select the SA account, click the Change Password button to reset the password.

* 5. Type a new password, then click OK to finish.

Note: This method of resetting SA password in SQL 2000 is usually applied when you cannot log in to SQL Server 2000 through Windows Authentication while forgetting your system administrator login password.

Learn more about the SA password:

According to Microsoft, System Administrator (SA) is a special login provided for backward compatibility. By default, it is assigned to the sysadmin fixed server role and cannot be changed. Although SA is a built-in admin login, don’t use it routinely. Instead, make system administrators members of the sysadmin fixed server role and ask them to log in using their login details. Use SA only when there is no other way to access an instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

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