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The most trusted CACFP management software for kindergartens – KidKare


KidKare Daycare accounting software makes it easy to manage your childcare business via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. KidKare Accounting is based on the special needs of home care providers and tax reporting requirements. KidKare giving you all the tools you need and none of the hassle you don’t.



KidKare you can manage your daycare activities on any device. Effective childcare management means less time for business tasks and more time with the children. log in KidKare. KidKare you can manage your daycare activities on any device. Effective childcare management means less time for business tasks and more time with the children.

Day care accounting software for homes – KidKare

https://www.kidkare.com/day care accounting software

Home daycare accounting software by KidKare is designed especially for home day care providers. It has everything you need to run a successful daycare business on any device, from anywhere. Get started today with a 30-day free trial!



KidKare 2020: Product roadmap, new features and updates [VIDEO] Best Tax Practices by Tom Copeland and KidKare Select a category below to view training videos, webinars, how-tos and more.

Support – KidKare

https://www.kidkare.com/kiddo– software support

Note: If you are a nanny participating in the food program, you must contact your sponsor in all food program or KidKare software. You can also click here to read our online help guide if you have any problems.


Add it to the item KidKare! Learn how to record creditable meal components and meal amounts here. Articles. Save a meal Save your menu on the Enter Meal page. Baby and non-baby meals are recorded separately so you can meet the meal pattern requirements for each. If you or your sponsor have created pre-designed menus, you can select a menu…

Service providers | KidKare


KidKareThe Messages feature allows you to send important messages to the parents of dependent children. Click here to learn more about how to leverage this tool for your business! Reports. KidKare for Providers includes numerous reports to help you better manage your childcare business. Click here to learn more about the reports we offer!

Kidkare Log in – Login location

https://loginplace.com/kiddo-Log in

kiddo log in | KidKare – Linkddl Some providers are experienced kiddo login problems in the last two days. For those of you who have not been able to log in, follow the instructions below.


Looking for daycare software or childcare software!!! Minute Menu is a comprehensive CACFP management system designed to both automate sponsor operations and improve sponsor compliance with federal and state regulations by providing a powerful reporting framework that focuses sponsor management’s attention on potential CACFP hotspots.


All your information, including children, menus and more, is already saved KidKare. Sign up now, it’s easy! Click here to view KidKare login page. Due to meal plan changes, all WebKids users must use KidKare After October 1, 2017. Go to the instructions.kiddo.com if you need help or have any questions.


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