This article will walk you through an automated process of installing Google AdSense code in WordPress using some secret techniques.

Step 1: Find your AdSense Pub ID

Log into your AdSense account and you will notice that there are a few different sections that you can access once you are logged in. This article won’t cover everything you can do within AdSense. If you have any questions, check out the help files in the top right corner of AdSense. We will simply discuss how to place a new basic ad on your site. In the top right corner you should see Publisher ID: With a bunch of numbers, copy all those numbers exactly as they’re shown (ignore pub- or ca-pub before the numbers).

The first thing I want to mention is that if you have the skills, you can create all kinds of personalized ads with AdSense by going to AdSense Settings, creating the codes and pasting them in the right places on your site. If you want to learn how to do it, please do it. However this tutorial will discuss a much simpler method. After copying the numbers, we’re done with AdSense. You can log out of your account.

Step 2: Install within WordPress

Go back to your WordPress blog and log in to the WP admin area. We will use a plugin which will manage our ads for us. Go to Plugins > Add New from the left menu. Search for “AdSense” and scroll down until you find one called “All in One AdSense and YPN”, click install and then click the orange install button again. Select activate this plugin. You will now see a new section titled “AdSense” under the Settings menu on the left.

Click this new AdSense link from the left hand menu.

From here, you’re free to play around with the settings yourself, but I’ll give you the default info you need. Anything I don’t mention can be left blank.

AdSense ID: Enter your numbers that we copied above. Ad formats to show: 300 x 250. Ad placement: top left. Ads to show per page: 1 Ads to show per post: 1

Then click Save and view your site. An AdSense unit should appear to the left of every page on your site. This is one of the prime locations for AdSense ads, this location encourages lots of clicks and I’ve found it works very well on my sites.

What we covered above is the extent of our AdSense tutorial. There are many other things you can do with AdSense and other places you can install ad code. If your site is up and running and you’re looking for more complex setups that could generate more revenue, feel free to Google your ideas, but that should be all we need to get off to a great start earning AdSense revenue from your WordPress blog .

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