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What is Kahoot!?

  • A game-based learning platform.
  • A game directed by the teacher or educator via a main computer/big screen.
  • Players enter their answers individually or in small teams via a website link (PC) or the Kahoot! App (mobile phone, iPad). Downloading the Kahoot app is quick, easy, and accessible.
  • Results are displayed in real-time and can then be discussed together.
  • Using Kahoot enables social learning and encourages group discussion.
  • It’s simple: Kahoot works on any device with an internet connection. There is no need for players to set up an account or log in.

What is Kahoot! Not:

  • A single game so everyone can learn for themselves.

The CRC Kahoot!

CRC stands for “Convention on the Rights of the Child.” This Kahoot was developed by the Norwegian committee for UNICEF so that children worldwide can learn more about children’s rights in a fun way.

Three different CRC Kahoot games have been developed so far:

  1. The first Kahoot is a “teaser” to introduce the topic of children’s rights
  2. The second game allows children to learn more about children’s rights. This Kahoot! Is it a bit longer, more detailed, and more comprehensive?
  3. The third Kahoot challenges players to test their knowledge of children’s rights.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the CRC Kahoot Quiz in class.

1) The teacher opens one of the following links on your computer (connected to a large screen/projector visible to the whole class):

  • German, Kahoot 1 (teaser): https://create.kahoot.it/details/einfuhrung-in-die-kinderrechte/f82c791a-7ffc-4c26-94eaa87a6fbf9990
  • German, Kahoot 2 (advanced): https://create.kahoot.it/details/lerne-mehr-uber-kinderrechte/fbba7f44-e77b-4ccc-97baef5f1a5ee77c
  • German, Kahoot 3 (knowledge test): https://create.kahoot.it/details/werde-zum-experten-
  • fur-kinderrechte/2c6db617-0f78-4492-a03527a207ee8aee
  • French, main page with the 3 Kahoots: https://create.kahoot.it/pages/ea128037- 25a8-444f-9848-b84cf3fce22c?_=1571352613
  • English, for international classes, the main page with the 3 Kahoots: https://create.kahoot.it/pages/32c22a99-b815-4a16-8bf1-ec2915c82986?_=1571351723

2) To start the game, press “Play as a guest.”

3) The following page opens in a new tab where you select the classic option “Player vs. Player 1:1 Devices” – “Classic.”

4) The following steps are more straightforward than it sounds!

Before you press start, let your students time themselves on their computer at www.Kahoot.it or on the Kahoot! App (mobile phone or iPad) with the appropriate Game PIN to log into your class quiz.

5) Instructions/steps for students:

  • www.Kahoot.it or open the Kahoot! apartment
  • Enter the Game PIN (this is displayed in large letters on your main screen—in this example, it would be 7155847)
  • Enter a name
  • When the player receives this notification, then their name should appear on your main screen at the same time (see next page)

6) All players who have joined your class quiz should list all student names. Then press “Start.”

7) The quiz begins!

Examples of the main screen (teacher) where everyone can see and read the questions.

Some questions only require a “right or wrong” answer, others are multiple-choice, and recently there are also polls aimed at children. There are no wrong answers here!

The teacher must not and cannot select an answer. He only has to wait until the time has expired, after which the feedback page is automatically displayed (see point 6 on the next page).

Example from the student’s point of view (website or app). Students need the main screen to read the questions and answers, and the various answer options are presented very simplified way on their screen.

Feedback on the main screen

It is displayed how many students have selected which answer. The correct answer is also shown below. In between, the scoreboard is also displayed repeatedly since the students receive points for correct answers and can thus measure each other.

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