The game-based learning Kahoot app has competition, and we would like to introduce you to some alternatives. In the article, which three programs can we recommend and what features and functions do they bring.

Ahaslides – Free Alternative To Kahoot

With AhaSlides, you can create presentations, surveys, or quizzes and present them live to your audience. Like Kahoot, viewers can log in and participate via smartphone and browser.

  • All viewers log in via QR code or link. You, as the host, can then, for example, ask questions and incorporate them directly into the presentation – in the form of bar or pie charts.
  • With the points system, the whole thing becomes a quiz game. It is similar to Kahoot and can be implemented with clear instructions.
  • You can also create mood boards here and collect ideas from the audience, which are automatically reflected in a word cloud.
  • The audience can also ask questions here – and answer them themselves. We find the “Voice Q&A session” particularly successful – i.e., the voice question and answer session. The smartphone becomes a microphone, and you can involve the audience better and faster.
  • AhaSlides is free for up to 7 participants, $5 for up to 50 participants, $11 for up to 100, and $16 for up to 10,000 people. Other functions include data export and setting options such as fonts or soundtracks. However, the free version is already quite extensive.

Quizup – Create Your Own Guessing Game

With QuizUp, you create your games, connect with other people and find opponents worldwide.

  • QuizUp is strongly reminiscent of Quizduell – but the differences are significant. You can personalize your profile and set your primary areas of interest.
  • You can also create quizzes here and enter your knowledge into the app.
  • You can also connect and chat with friends around the world. It is also possible to use a filter to only compete against people in your area.
  • QuizUp is available as an app in our download area for iOS and Android; you can also use it in the browser or as a web app.

Quizacademy – Free And Data Protection Compliant

The German tool QuizAcademy primarily aims at pupils and students and advertises that it is in order under data protection law. You can also create your quizzes and incorporate them live into your presentations.

  • In addition to quiz games, you can generate your flashcards here. Existing content can be imported and the resulting data analyzed.
  • You can also use QuizAcademy offline. Straightforward online exams are also possible here.
  • This tool, developed in Germany, advertises that it is free, and the service and the server are also located in Germany.
  • You can also participate in online seminars on the QuizAcademy homepage, which will bring you closer to the tool’s essential functions and particular application areas. This offer is free of charge.

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