How To Chfa Login & Complete Login Guide To

If you want to create your quiz for the Kahoot app, you can do this with just a few clicks. Find out in this practical tip how to do this exactly.

Kahoot App: How To Create Your Quiz

  1. First, register on Kahoot.
  2. After registering and logging in, click “Create” in the upper right corner.
  3. Now you can type in your questions and answers. For each question, you need at least two and a maximum of four answer options that you can specify. Also, choose which answer is correct. Then set a time limit and indicate whether points should be awarded for this question.
  4. You can add more questions by clicking on “Add question.”
  5. When you’re done, click “Done” in the top right corner to complete and publish your quiz. Now you can give your quiz a title and a description.
  6. Now go further via “Continue.” Now you can test, play or share the quiz with others.

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