Flooding a session of Kahoot games with bots might be fun, but with the latest advancements in the school security system, not many tools are working these days. However, we have gotten rid of the problem with our brand new tool called Kahoot Flooder.

In schools, teachers use it to create different learning sessions and test the abilities of students and teach them. Since this is a software, many hackers have found ways to hack into it, and instead of adding the real players, you can flood it with bots.

But in recent times, the school’s online security systems for Kahoot have made many tools completely useless. On the other hand, we have developed Kahoot Flooder to get Kahoot flood unblocked at schools and get the fun back.

Let us move ahead and do a thorough investigation of the tool.

What is a Kahoot Flooder?

Being a long-time Kahoot user, you must be familiar with many spam or flooding tools which flood the game sessions with many fake bots. Kahoot Flooder is another of those. However, it is the latest and, unlike many other useless ones, this one definitely works.

We have already mentioned how schools have upgraded their security systems against hacks, and thus it has disabled many of the hacking tools that were working in the past. Tackling that situation was important, and thus we have succeeded in developing the Kahoot Flooder.

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Kahoot Flooder is much more than a mere kahoot hack tool. It has not only succeeded in breaking the barriers of those security systems but has also gained more control over the process.

In the past, you could introduce many bots, but they didn’t have any names, and the teachers would know that the system was being hacked. However, with Kahoot Flooder, you can also name the bots, and that would wipe the suspicion away.

How does our Kahoot Flooder tool work?

There are three sections in the tool which you must enter to make it work. The two of those are the number of bots and game pins, which are also present in the other tools. However, what we have recently added is the ‘Bot Name’ section, which is new and interesting.

The best way to use our tool is to make it natural so that you never get caught. For that, you will need to flood one bot at a time while naming it as well. So enter the value ‘1’ in the number of bots section and choose a name for it.

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Also, when you add the bots one by one, the location shown for each bot will be different. This is done by the tool by using various IP addresses and connection locations from the virtual servers used by us.

The rest of the process is quite easy, and within no time, you are going to be a champion at using it. So this is the science behind it. We will now move ahead and teach you how to actually use the tool.

How to use our Kahoot Flooder spam tool

How it surpasses the school security system to add the bots is up to the tool. However, you have still got to learn about the method of using the tool so things can be made easier for you. The following method is how it actually works.

  • You will find the tool on the homepage of our website.
  • The three sections of the flooding process will already be there.
  • Get the game pin first from your teacher and log in on the device.
  • Also, add the same game pin to the tool as well.
  • Now, add the number of bots, which is the second section.
  • If you have added one bot, name it in the third section.
  • Click “Spam it” at the end to get things done.

You can add many bots at a time. However, add just one at a time to keep it natural and real.

Is it safe to use Kahoot Flooder?

Yes, it is absolutely safe, however, don’t share it with the others in the classroom so that you don’t get reported. As for the tool’s security, it should take care of that itself. Get Kahoot Flooder right now and enjoy.

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