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Kahoot has become one of the most used programmers for taking the tests of students and making them learn. But if you are looking for a list of Kahoot Game PINs that are live so that you can simply join the game right now, then you are at the right place. Previously, we had published the Kahoot Spammer, which is indeed a good tool.

If you are a teacher or a guardian of your child and want to give him/her some knowledge of the world, you should consider using Kahoot because it is a fun way of teaching, and students also don’t get bored while playing it.

Before we start, I will define a few basic terms for this blog post.

What is Kahoot?

Well, you know what Kahoot is, but it is still important to tell you about Kahoot.

Kahoot is an online e-learning programme that is specially designed to provide an entertaining and user-friendly environment for the students so that they show interest in their studies and can learn new things.

Which type of question is in Kahoot?

Listen, it all depends on the creator of that Kahoot Quiz. For example, if you are a student in class two, then the teacher will ask only those questions which they have taught you.

A Kahoot may contain only one question or may also include a list of questions, which may be 3, 8, or any number. In short, a Kahoot game may have an infinite number of questions that may be asked.

The type of question again depends on the creator. Because they can also show you a video and then you have to give a reply to specific questions, they may also add a time limit of one minute or five minutes, depending on the type of Kahoot PINs you are about to join.

Whatever, I will give you the Kahoot Game PINs for all kinds of Kahoot Quizzes which you can join right now.

List of Kahoot Game PINs

So, guys, the wait is over.

Below is the list of Kahoot Pins which are working, and you can join any of the games using these pins.

These PINs are updated on a regular basis because we keep on checking these Kahoot Game PINs so that if there is any problem with these game PINs, we can remove them.

If you find any of the PINs not working, then please let us know by using our Contact Us Page.

  • 145487
  • 489479
  • 294024
  • 284102
  • 539205
  • 928593
  • 028593
  • 283495
  • 292110
  • 871927
  • 938270
  • 412096


How Do You Play Kahoot?

To play a game, you need the Kahoot PIN for that Kahoot Quiz.

After you get the Kahoot Game PIN that you want to play, you can proceed.

Playing the game is simple. You don’t need to do anything. All you need to do is to follow all the steps which are given below.

How to Join Kahoot!

To join the game, you need to pick any of the above pins. You can choose the pin according to your interest because I have added the game pins of many Kahoot Games above, but one thing that is common about them is that they are all wonderful and are collected after hard work of more than 2 hours.

I can bet that you will find these Kahoot Game PINs interesting and will love to play them.

Follow the given steps to join Kahoot.

First of all, go to Kahoot. This is the particular site which is designed to help users connect to play the game.

Now pick any of the above Kahoot Game PINs and enter them on the official site of Kahoot I linked above.

After that you have to get a nickname, this name will be displayed on the Kahoot Dashboard.

And then finally, tap on the Play Game, the game will be started automatically after a few seconds.


Guys, this was all about Kahoot Game PINs and how you can use them. I know you will enjoy the game very much. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can connect with us by leaving a comment below, or you can use our contact us page. And if you want to know more about us, then read our about us page.

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