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The iOS App Kahoot Allows You To Play Or Create Quiz-Based Games.

Learning doesn’t always have to be boring. Thanks to the iPhone app “Kahoot,” you can playfully acquire new knowledge.

Kahoot: Expand your knowledge with entertaining quizzes

Kahoot also lets you compete against friends and family. The app provides you with a wide selection of different quizzes on a wide variety of topics. You can browse through the extensive library with the practical search function, including filters.

You can practice with flashcards and test quizzes if you don’t feel confident enough in a subject area. Once you’re ready, you can compete against other players or invite your friends to a challenge. You can also create and share your multiple-choice quizzes. Best of all, you don’t need an account for these functions.

If you want to create more complex question games or invite more than ten players to a quiz round, you must create an account and pay a subscription.


  • Filter by language
  • Many functions can be used without an account
  • For free

Last changes

Kahoot iPhone / iPad app was last updated on 01/25/2022 and is available for download in version 5.0.5.

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