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Kahoot is an exciting and straightforward tool for creating interactive activities. Here I show you how to create questions using the free version.

#kahoot #teaching

00:00 intro

00:34 how to create a question

01:04 quiz-type question

03:27 inserting an image

04:09 setting the question time

04:53 V or F type question

06:00 setting the score

06:26 other question types (paid version)

06:48 setting to share

07:22 when using “teach” or “assign.”

08:04 playing a quiz created in Kahoot

09:34 accessing assigned game reports

10:04 other

  • Want to try Kahoot to see how it works? So, access this test that I created on the platform showing the basic features: https://kahoot.it/challenge/008375229 (if you are using the app, enter this Game PIN: 008375229)

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