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Do you want to spam the Kahoot game and make fun in the classroom?

If yes,

Then you are at the right website because here, we have a great Kahoot Spamming tool that is free to use and can send unlimited spam bots to any Kahoot game you want.

Our Kahoot Spam tool works very well, and users can send as much spam as they want to the game for free.

And the best thing is that Kahoot cannot block our bots because we use special servers and unique IP addresses that make it very hard for Kahoot to detect whether it is a spam bot by a Kahoot spammer or a real Kahoot user.

So, I would be happy to elaborate on all the important things about the Kahoot Spammer in full detail.

What is Kahoot Spam?

Kahoot Spam is a tool that naughty students use to send hundreds of bot users to any Kahoot game using the game PIN and spam that game in seconds.

The host/teacher confuses who is answering the game, and the whole game is messed up. In most cases, the teacher has to take the test manually or again at some other time.

If you plan to use the Kahoot Spam in your class, then you should be very careful because, in most cases, when teachers find you, they will punish you or suspend you from school.

So, we never recommend that students use such tools for spamming the Kahoot game and making fun in the classrooms.

How Does Our Kahoot Spam Tool Work?

As stated earlier, we use several powerful servers and many unique IP addresses to connect to the targeted game.

Whenever someone requests our system to spam any game, we join that game using a single bot. If we succeed, we send the full number of the spam bots as specified by the user.

The core functionality is based on the main program that connects to all the servers and uses all the unique IP addresses to fool the Kahoot.

In this way, whenever someone requests us to spam a game, we verify whether the game is working or not by connecting with that game. Once we verify the game’s functionality, we start spamming that game with hundreds of bots.

How to Use the Kahoot Spam Tool?

As you can see, our Kahoot Spam Tool is based on a few simple and easy-to-understand parts.

The first part is the user data value part, in which you are supposed to provide us with information about the Kahoot game being spammed. For example, if you want to spam a game, you will have to enter the game pin, the number of bots you wish to send to that particular game, and then finally choose a good name.

Finally, press the Spam button, and we will start spamming the game. You will be redirected to another page where you will see further instructions.

In the worst-case scenario, we fail to spam the game, and you must use another tool, such as Kahoot Crasher, Kahoot Ninja, or any other available device.

Is it safe to use Kahoot Spam in class?

Unfortunately, many students of different classes have been fired just because they were spamming the game using Kahoot crushing tools.

As I stated earlier, using any tool that disturbs the whole class is never a good idea. That is why we don’t recommend that users use it during the course, as if your teacher caught you using any such tool, they will punish you.

It is very dangerous to use Kahoot Spam in class.


So, guys, this was all about the Kahoot Spam, and I hope you enjoyed using it. If you have any questions regarding our tools, you can ask about them in the comments section or contact me using the contact page.

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