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You must have had a great learning experience alongside all the fun in your school with one of the best game-based learning platforms, Kahoot. Also, you must have heard about some of the ways you can spice things up, and of course, I am talking about Kahoot Spammer.

A Kahoot Spammer is a hack tool that allows users to add fake users or bots to a running game session and have all the fun while teasing their friends and teachers. However, there are more fakers than tools out there.

To tackle that situation, our developers thought of coming up with a Kahoot Spammer hack tool that must be 100% accurate in what it does. Also, the interface they have developed is the one you will love while using it.

What is the Kahoot Spammer Tool?

As mentioned already, this is a hack tool called Kahoot Spammer, which, like many other tools, would flood a Kahoot session with fake bots to fill the session. Besides having fun, this hack tool has many different uses, but fun is the main objective here.

The basic algorithm behind the tool is the same: enter the game pin and several bots and then spam the session. However, we have added a new option in our Kahoot hack tool, in which you can also name the bots to make things look natural and authentic.

How does our Kahoot Spammer Tool work?

The new options have helped many people, which is why our Kahoot ninja spam tool has become one of the best in the business. The device is free, and there are no paid subscriptions behind it.

Regarding our Kahoot Answer, you will need to create a free account on our website to access our tool. You can then use the Kahoot auto answer tool, which on other websites is fake, charges money, and doesn’t work.

The tools we have created are pretty innovative in their operation. For example, using various IP addresses and server connections will confuse the hack blockers for Kahoot used in schools, and you will easily unblock those.

We will now enlist a step-by-step guide if you are new to these tools and don’t know how to use them.

How to use our Kahoot Spammer Tool.

As great as our Kahoot Spammer tool is, it is also pretty easy to use. If you still have trouble with how it should be used, this little guide will help you. We shall begin now.

Game Pin:

Every time a new session is launched by a teacher or someone else on Kahoot, there is a game or session pin they will provide you to join the session. You must enter the same pin into our tool’s ‘Game Pin’ section.

The number of bots is:

In the second section, you are asked to enter the number of bots you want to be flooded in your current session. Just make sure to add a wise number, which doesn’t look unnatural, and then have all the fun you want.

Bot Name:

Other tools go wrong because they don’t have an option for naming the bot. Most students in the Kahoot session enter their names, and when the tools don’t, it doesn’t look natural and raises suspicion.

We took care of the issue and added the ‘Bot Name’ option, where you can also name the bots you are adding, making the stuff appear natural. And this is how you use your Kahoot Spammer to spam a game session for some fun.

Can We use Kahoot Spammer in the classroom?

It depends on how often you use the tool in your classroom. We recommend using it after every 5 to 6 games and not doing it when a teacher is serious about the test. Getting detected but get you suspended from the school. Using it mostly with friends is a better way of having fun.

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