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lexia powerup login

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myLexia – Welcome

https://auth.mylexis.com/mylexiaLog in

Educator Platform for Core5, PowerUp, RAPID, Lexi English and Lexi Academy. Don’t have an account? Ask your school Lexi your system administrator to create one for you.

PowerUp Literacy® | Lexi learning

https://www.lexialearning.com/kick off

Lexi ® PowerUp Literacy ® accelerates literacy development for students ages 6-12 who do not meet college and career readiness standards. Proven to be up to five times more effective than the average high school reading intervention, PowerUp allows students to grow several years in one school year.

For families – Log into Lexia programs with Clever

https://help.lexislearning.com/s/article/For-Families-log in-to-Lexi-Programs-with Clever

Applies to students using Clever log in Thu Lexi ® Core5 ® Reading, Lexi ® English Language Development™ or Lexi ® PowerUp Literacy™ at home. Overview Some schools and districts use a program called Clever for single sign-on. Clever helps manage logins to multiple applications that students can use.

Lexia Core5 Reading – login and student program


Lexi Core5® Reading® is a research-proven blended learning program that accelerates the development of basic reading skills for students of all abilities, pre-K-5. Adhering to precise scope and sequence, Core5 provides clear, systematic instruction through personalized, adaptive learning paths in six areas of reading.

Lexia PowerUp – smart App Gallery | Skilful

https://clever.com/app-gallery/lexiskick off

Lexi Kick off. (When you request this app, make sure the myLexia app is also requested) Lexi PowerUp Literacy™ is a program for untrained readers in 6th grade and up that accelerates the development of both basic literacy and higher order thinking skills through adaptive learning pathways. PowerUp deals with…

Class list and sign-in cards printing – Lexia Learning

https://help.lexislearning.com/s/article/How-to-print the class list and sign-in cards

Pate. Staff helping students log in Thu Lexi ® Core5 ® Reading, Lexi ® English Language Development ™ and Lexi ® PowerUp Literacy ®. Overview The MyLexia ® application allows you to print a class list with student information, including usernames and passwords, and log in flashcards to use with your students.

Message not registered (Core5 or PowerUp) – Lexia Learning


See how the students are doing log in to Core5? If the student is assigned to the wrong program in myLexia, change the student’s program assignment in myLexia. If a student is assigned Core5 but should be using PowerUp, assign them to PowerUp. See Configuring Core5 Student for PowerUp; If a student is assigned to Powerup but should be using Core5…


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