As usual, I had a client with a very specific request for his Joomla website: he had some modules on his website that he didn’t want to be publicly accessible. They also didn’t want their customers to have to register. Instead, they preferred to have a password protect these forms. If they wanted a customer to have access to the forms, they would send the password to the customer. I did a google search and found MosPassworth Plugin for Joomla.

MosPasswort, a Joomla plugin, allows you to password protect Joomla content items. Once the plugin is installed, simply enter {password} into any Joomla page you wish to password protect. Then, when a user tries to access a password protected page, they are presented with a password screen. It is not necessary for the user to register OR login. They just need to enter the correct password.

Why can’t I just use Joomla’s default logged in user function to secure a page? Good question. You can certainly use Joomla’s default page protection by forcing a user to register and login before viewing a page. But many users don’t like registering or logging in.

The MosPassworth Joomla plugin allows you to define a password for certain pages. After setting up a password protection for a page, the user simply enters the correct password to view the protected page.

This method can be very useful when you want to have pages that you want to protect from the public. Send your customers the password and they will be able to access the page. No need to mess with registration and login. As long as there is no need to collect user data, this method is much faster and easier for the user.

This is a very nice Joomla plugin and it does exactly what it was designed to do.

NOTE: You must have php5 on your web server or you need to make a small change in the password.php file.

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