To run the clinic smoothly, you, as a doctor, have to keep an eye on every activity that is done. Your control over medical management would definitely help you grow in business and also develop relationships with patients, your clients. However, doctor’s office management is not an easy target as you have to take care of many things. Since you deal with people’s lives, any ignorance in anything is not allowed. Online appointment planner for patients is regarded as one of the best tools that help you run your healthcare center without any hassle and pain.

As the name suggests, online appointment planner is basically a system that schedules patient appointments without the interference of human medical front office executives. Patients can request and schedule their appointments while accessing the system which is directly linked to your health centre’s database. This drastically reduces the human errors of overlapping the timing of the appointments provided to patients.

Human medical receptionists are prone to making mistakes as they are driven by emotions and also by the limits of their physical stamina, for example they may not be able to serve all the time – 24/7. it is very difficult for them to answer patient calls all at a time as in the case of free medical field. Online Appointment Scheduling System is helpful in tackling multiple tasks required for smooth medical management.

Scheduling patient appointments is possible simply by setting up a specially designed system which is connected to the internet. The advanced system comes with Google Calendar synchronization which sends all data to portable devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and Smartphone so that the caregiver can view the schedule and rearrange/reschedule it according to their plan and diary.

Another feature that comes with the online appointment planner is its prepaid mode. The patient can book his or her own appointments by paying the consultation fees in advance. That said, the prepaid online appointment planner can prevent revenue loss due to patients not showing up at the clinic’s scheduled time.

The online appointment planner can also be used as a medical answering system and patient reminder where it automatically answers calls from patients and calls them back to inform or notify upcoming appointments / visits to the health center respectively.

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