What Is MyAACC?

It’s how you conduct business with us, including enrolling in classes, making payments, managing financial aid, viewing grades, scheduling visits with advisors, accessing online courses, and more. To safeguard your security and privacy, all of these operations take place within MyAACC.

In addition, when leaving MyAACC, make sure you completely sign out and close your browser.

Your MyAACC account might need to be reactivated if you haven’t attended AACC in the last five years. For assistance, call the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4357. You’ll then get an email with instructions on how to manage your password and reactivate your MyAACC account.

How To Login MyAACC?

How To Forget Password MyAACC?

What is MyAACC?


MyAACC is the college’s student portal, meaning only authorized users can access the site.

Myaacc Login


New to MyAACC Login? Enter your user name and password—click on the “Sign In” button.

MyAACC Registration


MyAACC Registration, the menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Registration> Register/Drop/Withdraw > Student Planning, Scheduling, and Registration.

MyAACC Create Account


Go to new account https://aacc.elluciancrmrecruit.com/Apply/Account/Create. Then Enter your details. Then click on the “Create Accoun” button

AACC Password Management


Reset your password by answering your challenge questions.

myaacc library


From off-campus sites, students, faculty, and staff can use their MyAACC login to access these resources.

MyAACC Transcript


Almost all of your student records needs can be handled through MyAACC, so keep yours. Use this form to request a transcript for continuing education

My AACC student ID number


You can find it on your bill, bill/schedule, AACC ID card, MyAACC Self Services tab, or any registration counter with a valid photo ID.

MyAACC portal Login


New to MyAACC? Create an account. Enter your user name and password. Forgot your password?

MyAACC help Desk


Help desk the Technical Service Desk at 410-777-4357 for assistance.

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