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My Login Lausd About

Greetings from My Login Lausd Choose Your Role, Student, Adult Learner, Alumni, Employee, Contractor, community members, and staff members of charter schools.

Mylogin.lausd.net Login Step By Step

Mylogin.lausd.net To login, visit https://mylogin.lausd.net or type the URL into your browser.
Choose “Student” from the MyLogin home page.

There are three ways to activate/reset a student’s MyMail account password.

Step 1: A student ID, date of birth, and student PIN are required.

Step 2: The student’s MyMail email address, birthdate, student PIN, or LAUSD ID are required.

Step 3: Email and Birthdate

You must accept the terms and conditions of LAUSD’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP) – BUL-999.13 if you choose any of the three selections.

Step 1: Use your District ID and Student PIN to activate your account or reset your password.

Step 2: Reset the password using the student PIN or the district ID.

Step 3: If you know your email address and birth date, reset your password.

You may now access Schoology after successfully activating or resetting the password for the MyMail account.

Mylogin.lausd.net To access LMS, go to https://LMS.LAUSD.net or type the URL into your browser.

Choose “Students” from the menu.

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Add your MyMail email address and password.

Choose the course you wish to view by clicking on Courses. Under Materials, you will find Zoom Meeting and course materials.

The screen below will appear if you click the Zoom link. As soon as it’s time to zoom, click “Join.”

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