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What Is myUNIQA?

Your myUNIQA password can be changed on your own. Your user identification is required for this. Simply click the “Password forgotten” link on the login page. If you are unable to access your Userkennung, we will be happy to send you a reminder. If it doesn’t work, please contact UNIQA Customer Service.

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Uniqa starts doing business in Romania 2 in 2008. Beginning in 2011, the group decided to concentrate on Austria, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe 1.

Uniqa sold its Italian subsidiary 1 at the beginning of 2017. A foundation made up of Uniqa executives purchased 17.6% of the 26.2% Raiffeisen Bank held in Uniqa in July 2018 3. The Axa group sold its Polish operations in February 2020.

How To Login myUNIQA?

How To Register myUNIQA?

How To Forget Password myUNIQA?

what is myuniqa ?


existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique copy of an ancient manuscript.

myuniqa login


Click on the myuniqa login page:https://www.myuniqa.at/my-uniqa/login.next,Enter username & password.then,Click on “login” button.

UNIQA Kontakt


Kontakt z UNIQA ✓ Wybierz najwygodniejszy dla siebie sposób kontaktowania się z nami ✓ Infolinia Czat ✓ Adresy placówek.



Austrian insurer UNIQA announced it successfully concluded the merger of its units with the former AXA subsidiaries in Poland.

UNIQA povinné ručení


Almost everyone has heard about liability insurance (liability insurance for vehicle operation). But not everyone is completely clear about it.

UNIQA životní pojištění


It is insurance in case of death, reaching a certain age or the date specified in the insurance contract as the end of the insurance, or in case of another insured event.

UNIQA cestovní pojištění


Travel insurance. You don’t have to look far for UNIQA one-time travel insurance. Find it quickly and easily in our online calculator.

UNIQA infolinka


Uniqa customer line Calls to 488 125 125 are billed as calls to the fixed network according to the caller’s tariff.

UNIQA pojišťovna


UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s.Share by mail. Insurer Code. CZ-0014. Address line1. European 136. Postal code. CZ-160 12. City. PRAGUE 6. Country.

UNIQA Versicherung


The decision for UNIQA is the decision for a better life. live better together.

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