The evolution of technology and the growth of the Internet in recent years has made online education one of the most promising academic choices for most students. Online education provides knowledge on any topic, topic or stream of interest. Because of the convenience and choices it offers, it is evolving to be more popular than classroom instruction these days.

Online education encompasses everything that can be taught and learned. There are different types of online education available on the internet today. They are classified according to the technology used, the method of education and various other parameters. Live distance learning is real-time and uses technologies such as video conferencing and online classrooms, to give the feel of a virtual university environment. Students who choose this type of distance learning interact with the tutor and other students, which connects the student with the rest of the class. This makes the learning experience healthy and enjoyable. Also, interaction is a very important aspect of any course, and getting the interaction experience in real time makes learning bottlenecks quick and easy to resolve. Since this is real-time in nature, students must take classes at a fixed time instead of scheduling them at their preferred time. Also, it might be a little difficult for students from different time zones to get online at the appointed time.

Online education that doesn’t take place in real time is known as asynchronous online education. Educational materials are mostly kept for later access by students. Interaction is mainly through student forums. Students post their problems and questions on the forum and the tutor replies later. The course materials are published on the Internet and can be consulted by students at any time. Furthermore, tutors can record videos of the lessons and post them on the forum. This distance learning method allows students to schedule lessons whenever they want and set the pace for their graduation.

People can opt for blended online education where they get the benefits of both systems. They can schedule lessons at their own pace and also access published course materials and can participate in live webinars and online classroom sessions. For students who cannot attend online classroom sessions, recorded versions are almost immediately posted on the Internet for their access. The activities and exercises posted on the student forum can be discussed in online sessions to give students the maximum benefit of both of these learning methods. Combining both of these methods will provide students with a comprehensive educational plan needed to excel in their chosen course.

Due to the vast nature of the programs and courses offered, choosing a course that fits students’ needs could be difficult. Looking into all the features and technology the online course offers before deciding can ensure that students get the best out of the available options.

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