Argosy was founded in 1961 as a physical university offering degree programs in various fields, especially in psychology, health sciences and business. Today, Argosy University has expanded its campus facilities to 19 locations across the United States. As online education increases its popularity and becomes one of the preferred options for students to pursue their degree, Argosy University has made most of its degree programs available for students online.

The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission which is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Argosy University’s online educational facilities are located on the Phoenix campus. Students who wish to complete their degree online at Argosy University will be registered on the Phoenix campus. When online students complete their online degree, the diploma and transcripts will be awarded through the Phoenix campus.

As the University of Argosy has over 40 years of offering campus-based degree programmes, it has very well established programs of study designed to prepare students with the knowledge and qualifications needed to meet their career needs. Quite long existence and its good reputation which is well known in the job market make it widely accepted. Students will find it easy in job hunting with a degree from Argosy University. The same curricula taught on the Phoenix campus are used for online degree programs, providing students with the benefits of the online learning environment while pursuing the same curriculum as on-campus students.

Students who like to take control of their own pace of study and want to learn in their chosen comfortable environment, such as at home, will benefit from the online degree programs provided by Argosy University. Students decide when they want to take the lessons, day or night wherever they prefer, all they need to do is access the online lessons via an internet connection from their desktop or laptop computer. In addition to studying in user-friendly and interactive online classes, Argosy University’s online education team also prepares students to learn with expert faculty who will provide them with personalized attention in a small class environment to ensure students are well on their way to completing their undergraduate degree.

Argosy is the university that offers the largest graduate school communities and one of the best in the United States. Graduate programs are offered in the combination of undergraduate courses and online programs, enabling students to reap the benefits of online education and giving them the ability to interact with their classmates in the physical classroom.


Argosy University started out as a physical university and has expanded its facilities to support online learning alongside the popularity of online education. The well known in good reputation of the university makes it an online degree program a good alternative for professionals who do not have time for traditional college or university a possible place to enroll as an online student.

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