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With Papershift, users can plan, manage, and automate shift and roster schedules and projects, as well as schedule resources and manage absences anytime, anywhere, using any internet-enabled device, including desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobiles. Papershift is an employee scheduling and time-tracking software. Users have the freedom to set schedules and keep track of time while on the road thanks to native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Users of Papershift have access to tools for online time management and planning. From the online scheduling calendar, users can quickly create and manage employee schedules. Managers can assign people to open shifts using the central roster, but employees can also pick the shifts they want to work. Papershift has the ability to automatically fill employee schedules with shift assignments. Users of the site can keep track of and manage absences, vacations, and work schedules.

Employees can clock in and out online using a computer, mobile device, or other fixed device with signature or PIN authentication thanks to Papershift’s online, app-based, and mobile time tracking capabilities. Users can create their own time tracking rules and get precise clock-in and clock-out records for their employees, including with break details. Users of reporting systems can take action based on their understanding of company and employee performance. Payroll accounting is also supported by Papershift for all workers.

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