Introduction In Psptb?

By Parliamentary Act No. 1, the National Board for Materials Management (NBMM) was set up in 1981. The Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) took the place of the NBMM after Parliamentary Act No. 23 was passed in 2007.

“Procurement” is the process of getting goods, services, or creations from outside sources. Most of the time, this is done through bidding or tendering. Most of the time, choices about what to buy have to be made with limited stock. Here, we’ve talked about the different ways to buy things and the ways to get high-quality goods and services.

In business or government, procurement is usually the formal, methodical process of getting goods, services, or facilities. Many large companies and government agencies have a department called “procurement,” which is in charge of ordering and getting materials.

When you think about procurement, you’re again focusing on a small part of the bigger task (buying) (procurement). To “source” something means to look for it. You give money to buy something, and then you get what you bought. From putting in an order to getting the goods and paying for them, everything is covered here.

The purchasing division is in charge of getting the company products and services. This could include things like finding items with prices that are competitive, taking care of the legal paperwork needed to get a contract, making a budget for the costs of the goods, and looking at financial patterns to make sure the company’s money is being spent right.

How Do I Sign In To Psptb?

Step 1: Open a web browser and type in the Psptb login URL.

Step 2: Type “Email” and “Password” into the fields that are there.

Step 3: Click the button that says “Login.”

How Do I Set Up Psptb?

Step 1. Open a web browser and type the Psptb register URL into it.

Step 2: Type in your “First Name,” “Middle Name,” “Last Name,” “Phone Number,” “Email,” “Gender,” “Job,” and “Organization/Company” in the fields that appear.

Step 3: Click the “Submit” button. The page will load to the next page, where you will be asked for your email address, to make a password, and more.

Follow the directions to get the job done. Go to the login page and enter your login information to get into your Psptb login account once you’ve signed up.

How To Forget Your Psptb Password?

Step 1: Type the Reset Psptb password URL into a web browser.

Step 2: Type your “Email” into the field that’s there.

Step 3: Click “Reset.” The system will check your information and send you an email with a link to reset your password. Go to your email and click on the link to see what to do to finish the process.

Go to the login page and enter a new password to get into your Psptb account once the password has been reset.

Cantact As


Phone +255 738 441 972


Professional Registration

Phone +255 738 441 971


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