“Education and the Significance of Life” by J. Krishnamoorthi is a book for those who are committed to understanding the profound meaning of life and the importance of education. In this book, JK advocates for a more liberal and practical life-oriented education that results in effective living.

Krishnamoorthi acknowledges the importance of knowledge and efficiency, but makes no secret of his concern that too much emphasis on them can only lead to conflict and confusion. Jiddu Krishnamoorthi questions the link between comfort and security with education as any common man would perceive and further believes that achieving independent thinking with such a conventional education is nearly impossible. Emphasizing the importance of learning to be compassionate, to be content with little, and to seek the supreme, JK believes that only this path can lead to the true salvation of humanity.

According to JK, education is not just a process of accumulating information and knowledge from books, it is an understanding of oneself, because it is within each of us. Peace and happiness for men, JK says, can only come with self-awareness that brings about a change of heart, goodwill and inner transformation.

The teacher feels that simply educating people to be brilliant engineers, brilliant scientists, skillful managers, competent workers, etc. it cannot explain world peace. JK believes that education should eliminate enmity and hatred between human beings and help each individual discover their own psychological obstacles, and not simply impose new patterns of conduct and new ways of thinking on the student.

Passion for living beings leads JK to express the need for teachers and parents to be properly educated, so that pure knowledge is transmitted to their pupil. Silence as a means to enhance creativity and enjoy beauty is strongly advocated by JK

Education is supposed to be a ‘life transforming process’ according to this great spirit soul. There is not an iota of doubt that this book and the master will ever abide in human minds, transforming first-rate practical wisdom.

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