Successful university, what?

Success University is a personal development education company, founded by Matt Morris (a very interesting story behind this man), that operates using the network marketing business model. You can sign up as a distributor and earn commissions or you can simply sign up as a customer and take advantage of the training. Similar MLMs you may be familiar with include Life Path Unlimited and iLearningGlobal. Companies that sell products like this tend to do well because the cost per delivery is low and the company can pay their distributors an additional fee.

What do they sell?

Success University sells personal development products. Some of the areas we focus on are business, personal growth, charisma, prosperity awareness, communication skills, management, and many more. Topics are delivered through mediums such as podcasts, videos, seminars, and physical products. These types of products can be sold to almost anyone and virtually any person who wants to grow as a person or an entrepreneur. Some of the speakers and trainers featured in the SU library include Tony Alesandra, Jeffery Combs, Les Brown, Jay Abraham, Lisa Jimenez, Robert Allen, and Cynthia Kersey.

What makes SU different from other MLMs?

Personal development products alone separate SU from most MLMs. This company also stands out because it made over 1 million sales in its first year. This is a great figure for any new MLM company. Distributors will have an easier task of selling their products than overpriced juices and pills. Personal development products can literally change your life and, over time, your bank account.

What I like best is that even though a new distributor can’t sponsor a single soul, they can take advantage of the training library and still benefit from the powerful information. To top it all off, it’s a very affordable business to become a part of. $10 to get started and then just $50 each month. Some MLMs lose people as soon as they get them because they charge too much for an autoship.

Personal development in general

Personal development is a $64 billion industry worldwide and in America alone it’s about 8 billion. So what does this mean for anyone who is Success University or a similar MLM? It means you can take advantage of this gigantic market and earn a lucrative income through the process. If you haven’t figured it out yet, information marketing is getting bigger by the day and it would be wise of you to take a closer look. Also, by joining SU or a similar company you will have the opportunity to improve people’s lives and create a better life for yourself as well. This is a real win/win.

Success at this company will be measured by your ability to not only get new clients but also bring some business builders to your team. This can be achieved if you are very consistent in your marketing efforts and introduce the business to at least 3 people every day. The name of the game in MLM is consistency.

Some final considerations

Not only does Success University sell useful products, but it has caught the eye of some big wigs in internet marketing including Mike Filsaime and The Rich Jerk. But don’t worry if you don’t carry big numbers like these guys. This type of business is a long-term commitment and can make you a lot of money, if you stick with it. It frustrates me to see so many good people get into MLM and never quite make it because they quit too soon. Don’t make the same mistake. You want a better life for your family and especially for yourself, right? So go out there and make it happen. Overall, I think Success University is a great way to accomplish this goal while also providing the training and education needed to become a great entrepreneur and person.

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