It is important that every teacher has a personal philosophy of teacher education based on a set of values ​​and principles. It should reflect the person’s teaching ideologies and philosophies and the overall development of children. It becomes a crucial element in guiding children towards a successful life.

The most famous and important people who contributed to the development of the world had deeply insightful and personal philosophies of education. Albert Einstein, Paul Freire and Rudolf Steiner were some people who wrote and followed powerful educational philosophies in their careers.

John Dewey, one of the most eminent philosophers of education, in his book ‘Democracy and Education’, has even devoted an entire chapter to the philosophy of teacher education and talks about various aspects that play a formative role in the education of children. Teacher education philosophies can be classified as liberal, behaviorist, progressive, humanistic, and radical. Each of these has specific purposes in education and defines the role of a teacher and its relationship with the learner, in the unique perspective of particular philosophical contexts. Liberal philosophy aims to develop intellectual powers, while behavioral ideologies focus on the survival skills of a human being and the role of education in teaching them. Progressive philosophy motivates an individual’s cultural development in order to bring about social change, while humanistic tendencies look at the overall development of an individual’s personality and characteristics. And radical philosophers are interested in the beneficial changes that should happen from time to time in a society and the role of education in bringing about political, social and economic changes.

The philosophy of teacher education is now used as an important marketing strategy by teachers and has become an essential component of a teacher’s curriculum. This has evolved to become part of the teacher’s personal profile, which outlines all of her essential skills and unique qualities, and highlights her specialties.

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