What Is Textnow?

As an alternative to a contracted phone plan with a national carrier, the TextNow app offers free texting and calling. To work with SMS text carriers, the software gives each user a random phone number.

Being the first free, ad-supported Nationwide Talk & Text network, we set ourselves apart from the competition. However, TextNow isn’t just for your phone, which makes us special. From a laptop, desktop, or tablet, you may phone and text using TextNow while connected to WiFi.

Using genuine cell towers rather than Wi-Fi, TextNow’s free package offers limitless calls and text messages. No data is provided because not everyone requires it. One would contend that a phone without a data plan isn’t particularly useful, but not everyone would agree with that statement.

The TextNow app has received over 1,084,000 reviews on the Google Play store, where Android users get their apps, and continues to have a 4.4 star rating. Actually, that’s quite impressive. The app has more than 478,000 ratings and a 4.8 star rating on the Apple Store.

Incoming calls from a number that you’ve added to your phone’s contacts will display the name you’ve supplied for that contact. You might need to provide the TextNow app access to your Contacts if the names of your contacts do not appear when you receive a call from them.

How To Login Textnow?

How To Forget Password Textnow?

what is textnow ?


There are several catches: TextNow offers you a personal phone number and connections to make free, ad-supported phone calls and texts. But it has to be with a phone that’s compatible with the Sprint network. And you can’t surf the internet as well. That will cost you at least $19.99 monthly.

textnow login


Click on the textnow login page:https://www.textnow.com/.next,Enter Username & Password.then Click on “login”button.

TextNow APK download


TextNow app for Android provides a free phone number for calling & texting. This app is basically designed for use in North America only.

TextNow sign up


Don’t have an account? Sign Up Free. Email or Username. Password. Forgot? Remember me. Log In. Or. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google.

TextNow messages online


Phone smarter! Ditch your monthly phone bills with free calling and texting. Get the TextNow SIM card or use the TextNow app over wifi.

TextNow free US phone number


Get our free app for unlimited texting and calling with your own phone number. Download now ยท Download now.

TextNow download for PC


Use the TextNow app to make free calls and text over wifi with a REAL phone number. Bring your own number or pick a brand new one.

TextNow APK old version


Download TextNow old versions Android APK or update to TextNow latest version. Review TextNow release date, changelog and more.

TextNow for Windows 7


It is developed to be the best desktop app for sending and receiving text messages directly on a computer.

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