Inflation was almost non-existent during the Obama years, yet you wouldn’t know it by looking at the statewide tuition/college increases, especially in California. High school students are told that college is mandatory in order to have fruitful lives and live in the elusive middle class, and are told to go into debt to get that degree (more like economic slavery) with no guarantees. Most professors and university administrators are in the 2%, no, not the 1%, but way ahead of what their students should ever expect to get to. We speak up, because the academic bubble is still forming and about to burst: things have gotten out of hand.

There was a rather troubling segment on ABC News Affiliate in Los Angeles (Eyewitness News 7) recently titled, “CSU Trustees Vote to Raise Tuition Fees 5% Amid Student Outcry” on March 22, 2017.

First, I’d like to point out that education hasn’t gotten better at the California State University System, by all accounts it has gotten worse. Graduate students are valued less in the marketplace, as employers realize their education isn’t that good, and those degrees don’t predict students will be productive employees or have a clue as to what they’re doing.

Most professors, especially tenured professors, don’t teach much in the classroom, as they spend a lot of time on gap years and have graduate students lecturing now. The rising costs of the university have to do with legacy costs (pensions) and the increase in Cadillac-style health care programs for staff and professors. While their retirement fund isn’t nearly as bad as the University of California system, which is severely underfunded, it’s also not breaking any records: This Trump Bump in the stock market recently saved their ass (temporarily) if you want to know the real skinny on this one.

It’s time to face the facts – The CSU (California State University) system is broken, academia is broken next to the damn universities that give degrees in gender studies, sustainability, ethnic equality, LBGT studies – those kids will never find jobs that pay off those student loans – academia is doped by any observable rational standard – worthless – totally worthless surviving on federal research grants and taxpayers and socialist tuition and subsidies and programs. Some of our online think tank, to put it bluntly, let’s say; “To hell with all that, I’m just BS now” and I believe these think tank members are absolutely right.

Why the 5% tuition hike when enrollment is at an all-time high? Why the tuition increase without more benefits? Graduations aren’t worth more than last year, actually they’re worth less now. The California State University system is out of whack just like the University of California system is, and academia across the country has student loan debt hovering around $1.4 trillion, 45% of those loans he has never made a single payment or is 90 years old. – days expired. The Academic Industrial Complex is a giant bubble about to burst, and what does the CSU system do? Increase tuition fees? Oh, well, this will help you a lot… NOT!

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