The most important and desirable thing human beings are endowed with is wisdom. In the beginning, we are programmed into our reality of creation that we should all strive for education to acquire knowledge. In the past, many centuries ago, people gained knowledge from those who were educated and from the experience of others. They learn to evaluate through reasons and implement all the virtues in their lives.

Anil Sadgopal is an Indian educator and activist, known for the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Program and advocacy related to the Right to Education Act. The main feature of basic education is free and compulsory education for children aged 7 to 14, education through handicrafts, self-reliant education, mother tongue as a medium of instruction, ideal citizenship and the flexible curriculum.

In ancient times educational institutions and teachers were very sincere and serious in their profession. They made sure that the students were put into the system and learned diligently with all sincerity. As companies grew and spread across the world, the educational model changed accordingly to accommodate those who rely more on monetary benefits. The respective governing bodies have issued guidelines for both public and private schools to ensure that students get the benefits. Alas! This was never translated into reality and the main purpose was relegated to the background and has remained to this day. The public school has failed in its aspect of duties while the private school has progressed to some extent of the huge cost of the financial burden on the parents.

Bhanu Jain he wrote in his Political institutions and practical essay e He strongly recommended that the common school system be an obligatory step to ensure India’s development as a superpower and as a developed country. While it was well recognized decades ago that CSS is an essential step to achieve equality, social justice and social change so far no concrete and effective steps have been taken to implement it.

The serious scenario is the behavior of developed and developing countries. Underdeveloped countries remain below the threshold of the basic educational standard awaiting the mercy of some philanthropist to raise their academic standards. It is wishful thinking that shows their incompetence and ignorance to come to terms with reality. They get carried away by false propaganda and modern infrastructure and are ultimately doomed to defeat. They become victims of financial burdens and have been in debt for many years.

These corporate educational institutions aim to get the maximum financial benefits from the parents and acquire property from the state schools. The facade they create in the form of infrastructure, advertisements, glitz and spectacle as well as greasing the hands of government officials. They also promote their image on social media and print media.

Conversely, the story is different when it comes to public school and its performance. A principal of the Urdu middle school in the old city of Hyderabad (India), Mrs Gupta elevated said school’s ranking from under 250 to a staggering top 5 in the Twin Cities. It should be noted that the state school in question has never raised any tuition fees or the salaries of the teaching staff. He unequivocally established a fact that whoever is at the helm of the institution. A sincere and dedicated individual will achieve remarkable feat within the existing system and environments.

When you look at state schools and the number of students who not only excel in academic curriculum but also in sports and other extracurricular areas. All outstanding sportsmen whether in golf, hockey, cricket or any other sports faculty come from middle school families and state or private schools which do not belong to the category of business schools. In the fields of politics, research or administrative services, most come from humble backgrounds and modest financial conditions. All of them studied in a normal state school in a simple and humble environment. All philosophers, scholars and geniuses come from a humble background and not from the corporate education system.

The salient features of all business schools are hypocrisy, corrupt practices and snobbish attitude. They practice class distinction and make them aware of their background. It is not overtly reflected nor advertised but progressively Zionist culture has infiltrated Indian education system to create a society of corrupt rich gangs as seen in western societies.

He clearly and unequivocally established that what matters is not business school, but leadership and the will to change the scenario. Foreign degrees and staying abroad for many decades are not criteria for achieving a remarkable feat. Sincerity and dedication to efforts to provide valuable and meaningful education to poor and below-average children is paramount.

These corporate educational institutions are a slow poison that will make our societies hollow from within. They are termites and they cause irreparable damage to companies and to their own personalities. Eventually they make themselves feel inferior to each other, in the long run they will be relegated to illusion. They will drift into the wasteland of chaos and confusion. They live a short life thriving on financial gain, ultimately they have failed in their vision of religious faith and practices.

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