University is more than a place to get a diploma before entering the job market. Our four years in college should also build character. That is to say, we should develop some important personal qualities which are necessary for success in today’s society. Among these, in my opinion, a tireless interest in learning may be the most important.

As the world we live in is rapidly recharging, we constantly need to update our knowledge and skills. while many people grit their teeth to fill their minds with new things, whose people who developed a genuine interest in learning during their college years can make a virtue of necessity, taking much pleasure in learning what is required by latest developments in their fields.

An interest in learning can also help ward off the feeling of futility and emptiness, a quintessentially modern malady brought on by complicated reasons, say the enormous pressure and fierce competition in modern society. As human beings, we need more than material comforts to affirm the value of our lives. In China, where belief in God is largely absent, a lifelong quest for knowledge may be a substitute for God for religion, as those who are dedicated to learning will be better aware of the meaning of their lives by seeing themselves like those who die. the torch of knowledge. In this way, learning can serve to ward off psychological crises.

A devotion to learning can also contribute to a better family environment, especially in regards to parent-child relationships. Given the enormous pressure Chinese children receive from school, many parents worry that their children have too much interest in playing computer games or chatting online while studying too little. Reprimands and corporal punishments are ineffective; even worse, they can alienate children from their parents. With the parents themselves demonstrating a desire to learn, however, children can form the habit of reading and thinking and develop immunity from bad influences. By actively participating in their children’s learning process, parents can find communicating with their children much easier than if they simply told them to work hard.

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