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Copying vocabulary for hours, reading and analyzing texts several times, and never-ending exercises. That doesn’t sound very appealing. Kahoot’s apps bring the fun back to learning in a fun way.

In our everyday life, we ​​are increasingly supported by modern technology. But when it comes to education and engaging learning, the digital possibilities are rarely used – even though it’s fun and better learning effects are possible.

A good supplement that is gaining popularity among students is Kahoot. The platform, available as a web, Android, and iOS app, offers users a wide range of quizzes and the option to create their games.

Kahoot – Android App

Kahoot Android App was last updated on 01/25/2022 and is available for download in version

Kahoot iPhone- / iPad-App

Kahoot iPhone / iPad app was last updated on 01/25/2022 and is available for download in version 5.0.5.

Kahoot: Expand And Test Knowledge Via App

Instead of cramming in front of the index card, playing a little game with your classmates for a change, and still making progress with the learning material: This is easy with the Kahoot app.

In addition to an extensive library of existing quizzes on various topics, the application also offers a function where you can create your question rounds with little effort. In the free basic version, you have questions with several answer options and “right or wrong” questions. You can also specify different cover images that match the questions.

You can share the “Game PIN” with your friends or family when your work is finished. Anyone who enters this code in the app or website can try your quiz. And that without the need for an account.

Kahoot: Quiz Ideas For Students

Parents or teachers can create exciting quizzes for students. Here are a few suggestions for inspiration in different subjects:

  • Vocabulary check in other languages
  • Geography guesses with capitals, states, or rivers
  • Year numbers quiz in history
  • Guessing game Querbeet in the style of “Who wants to be a millionaire.”
  • determine the correct mathematical formula

Through the playful competition, the students participate more actively in the exchange of knowledge, and learning is also relaxed. By the way: It also depends on the speed because if you type in answers faster, you get more points.

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