We usually store all our contacts in our phone. Whenever you buy a new phone, it becomes crucial to transfer all your contacts to the other device. You also need to back up your contacts and other data, so it’s important for all users to know how to back up data. Whatever the reason, let’s find out how.

This article will help you find out two methods to transfer your contacts from your old BlackBerry to your iPhone and from your BlackBerry 10 to your iPhone. Another method reduces the transfer of contacts from your BlackBerry Z10 using a transfer app.

BlackBerry to iPhone

Transferring contacts from your old BlackBerry phone is made easy using the desktop software app. All you need to do is connect your BlackBerry to PC and launch the software.

Device->Backup, now start the backup process of your phone including your contacts.

As soon as the process ends, your data including your contacts are now copied into your PC. Now connect your iPhone to PC and launch iTunes. Select About-> Sync Contacts.

This is the second method to transfer your contacts. You can choose Google Sync for a smoother process. The advantage you get is that you will be able to access your Google account from any device.

• To download the Google Sync app from your BlackBerry, go to m.google.com/sync and follow the command prompt

• Start the app and log in with your ID and password; you can use your Gmail login here. If you don’t have an account yet, set up a Gmail account to proceed further.

• Select the Synchronize now option; this will automatically copy all your contacts to your Gmail account.

• In your iPhone Settings->Mail, Calendars, Contacts->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange. Remember to enter your email account for Exchange account here to enable the sync process.

• In the email and username fields, enter your Gmail ID and click Next.

• Scroll down to locate Servers and enter m.google.com.

• Set Yes as the option for Contacts and calendars to sync. Once the process is done, your contacts will now appear on your iPhone and your Gmail account. You can access it from anywhere and on any device.

From BlackBerry 10 to iPhone

If for any reason you are unable to transfer your contacts, it could be because the phone was not bundled with sufficient software. Another reason could be that the built-in BlackBerry Link did not work well to perform the desired task.

There is another way to transfer your contacts through software like inTouch. This software is useful for BlackBerry Z10. This app is available on BlackBerry World where you can upload your contact list and install it on another device. This app is compatible with Android, iOS and older versions of Nokia. For your desktop you can download the beta version.

The only limitation of this app is that you can access your contacts directly instead of syncing them with the contacts app. It appears to be more like a Dropbox type of app used to transfer contacts.

You can apply the following steps for using this app:

• Download and install the inTouch app

• Follow the instructions

• Create an account and register by entering your details such as name, mobile number and email. Create a username and password, then click Sign Up

• After registration, the process of copying contacts from your BlackBerry will begin

• You can install the app on the other smartphone or device to access it from anywhere. Update your account so you can sync across all your devices.

Applying the two methods mentioned above will help you transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to your iPhone easily.

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